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A Village Mourns
12 Shades of Blue...Rodeo  in 3 Years
Blood pumping in 4/4 time at the Carleton in Halifax 

I Believe in Music, I Believe in Love
True North Strong and Free, Now with Sunny Days
The Skydiggers Will Give You Everything and More!
So Let's Go - An Evening With Alan Doyle
So Much Music, So Little Time
- In the Dead of Winter Festival part 2
So Much Music, So Little Time 
- In the Dead of Winter Festival part 1


Cuddy Sandwich - a Halifax Delicacy
The Posses' Pics of the Wanted Men
Blue Rodeo Posse Strikes Again with Kid Cuddy :) and MKOK 
Royal Tour - from Peterborough to Halifax
Blue Rodeo Feast with a Double Helping of the Devin Cuddy Band


BLUE RODEO - We churn out some good musicians in the Land of the Maple Leaf
Close Encounters of a Cuddy Kind  Laughing  
"See You Down the Road" Blue Rodeo in Stratford Ontario 
Part of the Rodeo - BLUE RODEO! concert review 
Fallen by Sarah McLachlan - (Today I can take a breath knowing that tomorrow I can take another) 


"Blue Rodeo Day" Feels Like Bologna in Their Shoes
        Jim Cuddy - A Beautiful Soul with a Voice and a Talent as Big as a Skyscraper
Canada's Got Talent - According to Me 
Blue Rodeo - More Than Small Miracles!