The family I lost, 1973



The Family I created, 2008
Family - in the end is all that really matters!


Ronald McDonald Clock - Tribute to Ron Sdraulig

This is the story of how the video came to be. Ralph Skedgel was Ron's Big Brother and always held a special place in my heart for the kindness that he displayed to my brother. And sometimes, my sisters and I were included in the "fun stuff."

Over the years, keeping in touch became a challenge that Ralph took on with gusto. No matter where in the country I moved or whether I changed my name, and long before facebook and the internet took away our anonimity, out of the blue - Ralph would call. It really touched me that he cared enough to make the effort.

Eventually I got old and selfless enough to try and find him. But clearly he was a far better slueth. He found me again. Digitally this time, and he shared with me a song that his friend had penned and sang. When I listened to the words and the soulful sounds I was moved to tears. I couldn't keep this beautiful tribute to myself. What amazed me is that I don't know Dan Gleeson (the musician) and I don't think he met my familly, and the sheer depth of his words made it sound like it was written by a friend. Thank you Dan for writing it and thank you Ralph for sharing the story with him.

I have never made a video to post on YouTube but I am happy with the results, I hope you are too.





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Future location for power point presentation....keep checking back :)

Okay, here is the scoop. The presentation is ready and for the past few weeks I have struggled with how to put it on here. I can post a link that the viewer must download and then have a compatible program to view it with. But then the viewer can also have control of it and change it and save pictures etc. That really is not an acceptable option for me as I would like to retain creative control of it and have all aspects of it remain my intellectual and physical property.

To that end, if you have any idea how I can turn a Power Point Presentation into a slide show or "movie" that can be watched but not manipulated by the viewer, I would love to hear from you. If you have any other suggestions, please do share. I want to share with you. 

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