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Village Mourns 
True North Strong and Free, Now with Sunny Days
Movers and Shakers!
The Psychopath In the Office (and In My Life)
March Madness and April Foolishness
A Unique Puzzle Piece That Still Fits In 

Flying With No Shoes
Without a Yesterday There is No Today and No Tomorrow
Nothing Solved, Nothing Gained!
Leaving by Choice...or Not
The Unfriendly Skies
The Drumstick Between My Toes
Differently-Abled and Judged by a Lower Court
or The Person Who Can't See is Not Always Blind 
The Fine Art of Deception  
Another Golden Goal Hear Around the Nation 


Kiss from the Heart
My Christmas Miracle
The Day Canada Changed Forever Twice 
Two Smoking Guns and Eyes Wide Open 
Honouring the Lives Lost for Freedom and Truth 
Cracked Sensibility in Toronto or Rob "Is he still Mayor?" Ford
Call Me Maybe...No, Really That IS My Name 
What is the Price of Life? And the Rob Ford Follies 
I'm the 1% and That's Okay 
"To See or Not to See" THAT is the Real Question! Part 1 




I Am Free to Be Me and You Are Free to Dislike That
Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Kellemes Karacsonyi, Joyeux Noel, Sretan all that I love and care for :) xoxo 
Me and My Milestone
Life  in a Fish Bowl
Life Imitating Song 
All I Really Want for Christmas, Can't be Bought in a Store! 
Is it Christmas or Chri$tma$?
Zero, Nothing, Naught, Nil
Do You Remember the Top Ten at 10:00? 
Dare to Be Different
11.11.11 It's Not a Day or a Moment...It's a lifetime of sacrifices that were made and a lifetime that I shall be thankful and remember 
Better Than Christmas? 
Happy "UN"birthday
Dodge the Bullets! 
Remembering the Horror Ten Years Later
Something Tells Me You Are Here with Me :) Part 3  
Something Tells Me You Are Here with Me :) Part 2  
Something Tells Me You Are Here with Me :) Part 1
Frog Who Dreamed of Being a King 
Just Sorting Things Out... 
My Version of Revenge! BERL 262
My Trip to Australia
The Website  is Live 
















Apples Are Only Good For Pies

Christmas For All (or Fear Instead of Faith)
Trolling For People! (or Shooting Fish in A Barrel)
It's 12-12-12...and...Nothing Happened!
The Day the East Coast of Canada Exploded 
Hearts are Buried in the Cold But the Souls Live On in Our Memories
Tour de Force
The Next Freak  Show! 
Like a Scared Chicken  
The Waves are Calling 
It's a Man's World 
Giving Until It Hurts!
2-4 Not Just a Number but a Cause for Celebration 
A Carrot, an Egg and a Cup of Coffee
Downsizing an Upsizing World
Vive la Difference! 
Ship of Dreams...and Nightmares 
A Hot Guy with Handcuffs Finally Comes to the Door and All He Wants is a Report
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Keep the Faith - Happy Easter!
Jumping Like a Kangaroo on Steroids! 
Mourning the Copper Sunshine 
Look At Me...No Wait, Don't...Argh! 
I-rish I was Irish
Brand Loyalty Only Goes as Far as the Dollar Stretches
Not Suitable for the Easily Offended 
Looking for Love and Fame On-Line
Mixing Melody With a Memory 
A Little Gratitude and Steak to Go! 
Dying with Peace Not a Mouse 
Hold Me...Don't Leave Me Hanging!
Facebook - Where I Can Talk to a Wall and Not Look Like an Idiot 
The Machine of My Dreams 
I Want to Come Home to You! 
You Talking About Me? 
Piercing the Darkness in My Own Way
New Year 2012