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Tortured Genius and the Final Conclusion
The Psychopath in the Office (and in My Life)

"Night turns to day and life is renewed" GLC  


On the Choppy Seas

The Lost Girl

Semi-Colon Means It's Not Over 



What Is It Like? 

Looking In the Face of a Lobster
Today I can take a Breath Knowing that Tomorrow I can take Another 
When Life is a Fight, It's a War We Will Lose
One Step Ahead of the White Tuxedo Army

Running Scared 
You Don't Have to Win the Race to Succeed! 
Buddha Got It Wrong After All 
Bruised Not Broken 
Duct Tape and WD-40 Won't Work! 
I Guess I Am a Fool 
Look At Me...No Wait Don't...Argh!
Life An an Obstacle Course 
Behind the Clouds is a Clear Sky. A Sub-zero Cold Front! 
Dear God, It's Just Me...Can We Talk? 
Modern Dr. Jekyl and Ms Hyde?
Just Because I Let You Hurt Me Doesn't Mean You Should 


Depression and Anxiety Disorders are Not Signs of Weakness. They are signs that you've been trying to be strong for too long 
It Wasn't Supposed to be Like This! 
Clicking My Heels and Spinning My Wheels 
It's Raining Again 
It May be Stormy Out Now But It Can't Rain Forever 
DO Know Wrong From Right 
Will I Always Be Here Spinning My Wheels
Cooked or Raw an Egg is Easy to Crack...and So Am I...Take Me Out I'm Done 
These Times When the World Falls Apart Makes Us Who We Are 
Sucked the Blue from the Sky and Coloured  My Mood With It... 
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid 
Fake It Till You Make It 
With a Little Help and Understanding
Butterflies are Free 
My Easy Street is Full of Potholes 
I'm Sooo Tired
Popeye is Strong...Pass the Spinach